“Our visit to Da Nukkad was a refreshing break from our hectic tech lives. The modern twist on traditional Indian dishes was a delightful surprise, perfectly suiting our contemporary tastes while staying true to authentic flavors. It’s our new go-to for date nights and unwinding after a long week at the office.”

Anuradha Nakra (Resident DLF2)
“Dining at Da Nukkad took us back to our travels through India years ago. The flavors were spot on, evoking nostalgia with every bite of their classic dishes. The warm and comfortable ambiance made us feel right at home, reminding us of the joy of savoring life’s simple pleasures.”

Esha Sarin (Resident DLF2)
“Da Nukkad is a family favorite! The kids loved the mild, yet flavorful options, and we appreciated the healthy, high-quality ingredients. It’s wonderful to find a place where the whole family can enjoy a meal together and introduce our children to the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine.”

“Our teenagers, usually picky eaters, were fascinated by the vibrant flavors and diverse menu at Da Nukkad. The interactive dining experience and the modern, lively atmosphere made our family dinner exciting and enjoyable for all ages.”

CP Singh (Resident DLF2)
“In our large family, everyone has different preferences, but Da Nukkad catered to us all. Their vast menu with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options was perfect for our diverse tastes. It’s a rare joy to find a place that echoes the warmth and inclusivity of our joint family.”