Savor the Tandoori cooking Temptations at द: NUKKAD

Tandoori Chicken, Indian dish of marinated chicken grilled in a tandoor, served on a plate, visually appealing

Welcome to the culinary journey of द: NUKKAD, where the ancient art of Tandoori cooking meets the modern palate. Our Indian cuisine is a symphony of flavours, and at the heart of this gastronomic concert are our Non-Veg Tandoori Dishes.

The Magic of Tandoori cooking

The term ‘Tandoori’ refers to dishes cooked in a Tandoor – a cylindrical clay oven, an icon of Indian cooking. The unique cooking method infuses a smoky essence that’s hard to replicate, making Tandoori dishes distinctively appetizing.

Non-Veg Delights from the Tandoor

At Da Nukkad, we take pride in our array of Non-Veg Tandoori dishes:

  1. Tandoori Chicken: A classic that never fails to impress. Marinated in yogurt and spices, our Tandoori Chicken is a feast for the senses – tender on the inside, charred to perfection on the outside.
  2. Chicken Tikka: Succulent pieces of boneless chicken, marinated in a blend of aromatic spices and grilled to smoky excellence. Each bite is a testament to the perfect balance of flavour and texture.
  3. Lamb Seekh Kebabs: Minced lamb seasoned with a special blend of spices, skewered, and cooked in the Tandoor. These kebabs are juicy, flavourful, and melt-in-the-mouth.
  4. Fish Tikka: For seafood lovers, our Fish Tikka is a must-try. Fresh fish marinated in a subtle mix of spices, bringing out the natural flavour of the sea, perfectly grilled in the Tandoor.

The Da Nukkad Experience

Our Tandoori cooking dishes aren’t just meals; they’re a sensory experience. Paired with fresh naan or rice and a side of our signature chutneys
Dining with family is a multifaceted experience that enriches our lives in countless ways. It’s a celebration of togetherness, a preservation of tradition, and a cornerstone of health and happiness. So, as we gather around the table, let’s cherish these moments, for they are the simple joys that make life truly meaningful.