At Da Nukkad, our soups are more than just starters; they are a warm embrace in a bowl, designed to comfort and delight your senses. Each soup on our menu is a meticulous blend of fresh ingredients, aromatic herbs, and rich flavors, offering the perfect introduction to your meal. From the classic Tomato Shorba, a tangy and spiced tomato broth, to the nourishing Dal Ka Shorba, a lentil-based concoction infused with subtle spices, our soups are a testament to the simplicity and depth of Indian cuisine. For those seeking something a bit more adventurous, our Mulligatawny Soup, a fusion of lentils, vegetables, and spices, is a creamy delight with a hint of spice. Each spoonful promises to warm your heart and prepare your palate for the culinary journey ahead. Join us at Da Nukkad and let our soups provide a comforting start to an unforgettable dining experience.